Medical Tourism


Travelling around the globe can be difficult, but not impossible

Are you or one of your loved ones receiving Parenteral Nutrition long-term? If so, international travel can be both difficult and stressful. Our team is prepared to make sure travel is not out of bounds.

  • Following thorough communication and according to the instructions of the patient’s overseeing physician, we produce and transport the needed PN directly to the patient’s place of stay, whether that be in mainland or on one of the numerous islands.
  • There is no need for the patient to bring/transport any equipment or medication.
  • We can responsibly provide all needed IV components, equipment and services:
        • Consumables
        • Infusion Pump
        • Procurement of PN ingredients
        • Individualized Parenteral Nutrition
  • We undertake the full planning and implementation pertaining to the transport logistics, ensuring a timely and safe delivery to the patient’s place of stay.
  • Whether you plan on staying in a private residence, a rental property or a boat, we can accommodate to make sure your needs are met.
  • Patient safety and privacy are the top priorities throughout the entire process.


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