At-Home Patients


Customized Parenteral Nutrition (PN) has proven clinical benefits over commercially available PN

  • Through custom Parenteral Nutrition, patients (especially pediatric patients) are significantly more likely to receive the amount of micronutrients and macronutrients required, in comparison to commercially available pre-made Parenteral Nutrition, resulting in an overall improvement of their nutritional status.
  • CibusMed provides patient-specific treatment to individual out-patients (children and adults) who cannot be fed via the gastrointestinal tract and who require at-home Parenteral Nutrition.
  • We undertake the full process of Production to Home-Delivery of PN, for patients within Greece, in a timely, safe and organized manner.
  • CibusMed communicates and cooperates with each individual patient’s Physician in order to ensure that each patient is receiving proper medication and that Physicians are kept up-to-date on patient’s ongoing nutritional status.


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