CibusMed offers specialized healthcare services to a variety of stakeholders within the healthcare industry, including Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Companies and At-Home Patients.




  • Domestically, CibusMed undertakes the full process of the production of parenteral nutrition solutions within Hospitals. CibusMed provides the software solutions that are necessary for safe production, as well as the required specialized staff.
  • Facilitates Hospitals in establishing proper workflow procedures and safety protocols in IV rooms and provides training and consultancy services to relevant departments and staff, both domestically and internationally.
  • CibusMed licenses its unique, proprietary software solutions to hospitals, creates any required custom alterations as per hospital need and undertakes all training that is required for all relevant hospital staff.


Pharmaceutical Companies:

  • Clinical Trial Monitoring 
  • Advice and Regulatory Compliance
  • Sales force Education and Training
  • Project Objective Planning and Execution


At-Home Patients:

  • CibusMed provides patient-specific treatment to individuals (out-patients) who require at-home Parenteral Nutrition.
  • Production and Home-Delivery of medication, for patients within Greece, in a timely and organized manner.
  • Individuals circumstantially travelling to Greece, whether it be for Tourism or Business, that require Parenteral Nutrition can also be serviced, after thorough communication with patients’ Doctor.
  • CibusMed communicates with each individual patient’s Doctor, to ensure that each patient is receiving proper medication and that Doctors are kept up-to-date on patient’s ongoing nutritional status.