About CenseoRx

Censeo Rx is a software for the Management of Chemotherapy from Prescription to Production, which contributes to automation, documentation and error avoidance, when selecting and preparing chemotherapy regimens and cytostatic solutions. It has a dynamic up-to-date database of all oncology protocols, performs calculations and provides insights on prescriptions, dilutions and drug administration procedures. It contains algorithms which are based on clinical and laboratory data and can be utilized as an advisory when performing changes and modifications of chemotherapeutic regimens. 


Innovative approach to prescribing

Therapeutic Protocols

  • Enhances Safety
  • Serves as a framework for development of facility’s policies and procedures
  • NCCN Protocol Database
  • Custom Protocol Creation as designed by prescriber




Therapy Organizer

  • Efficiently tracks prescriptions to be compounded based on patient cycle of therapy
  • Structured model ensuring uniform approach for all orders
  • Pharmacist validation system
  • Compounding planning system
  • Complete traceability of all user actions
  • Complete tracker of patient therapy, laboratory data, biochemical markers.






Safety - Quality - Innovation - Competitiveness - Devotion to the patient